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Dora distances herself from Macron: Sketches in public buildings could have been avoided

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“The French-Turkish confrontation is a huge mistake, to be transferred to the conflict between religions, we must fight terrorism,” ND MP Dora Bakoyannis told Parapolitika.

Ms. Bakoyannis noted that “Turkey has gone astray and is moving away from European principles and values.”

The fact that Dora Bakoyannis distanced herself from the determination of French President Emanuel Macron to oppose Islamic terrorism and to defend freedom of expression caused a sensation. “I understand the need for France to stand up for its values, but I do not think that depictions in public buildings could have been avoided. “It is not a war with Islam, but with its radical and dangerous elements.”


Erdogan’s statements about Macron are offensive, but Macron’s policy towards Islam is also offensive, as was recently written by Professor Antonis Liakos, a member of the Political Council of the SYRIZA Central Reconstruction Committee – Progressive Alliance…

He continued: “You can not defend freedom against terrorists by insulting millions of Muslims, one of the three most populous religions on the planet.

The policy of “clash of civilizations” is characteristic of the far right, and in response reinforces Islamic fundamentalism. It could be a sign of exaggeration and immaturity, but in combination with French policy in Libya, sub-Saharan Muslim Africa, Lebanon and Syria, it seems to show the (weak) return of the colonial repressed.

Mitsotakis: Religion clash promoted by Turkey poses systemic threat to Europe

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