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Why Macron declared “war” on the jihadists – France-Turkey relations in the red

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France recalled its ambassador to Ankara in response to Erdogan’s unprecedented insulting remarks that French President Emanuel Macron needs … mental treatment because he “has a problem with Muslims”, he said.
Tensions between Paris and Ankara have reached a “red light” as Tayyip Erdogan went so far as to make derogatory remarks against Emanuel Macron, saying he needed “mental treatment, which led France to recall its ambassador.” in Ankara.

The unprecedented statements by the Turkish president were made on the occasion of the French president’s decision to declare a “war” against radical Islam, allowing government buildings to be illuminated with Charlie Hebdo magazine sketches depicting Muhammad, and the recent apology for professor by fanatical muslim.

Emanuel Macron takes a decisive stance on the issue, which is obviously linked to the French tradition of tolerance and the secular character of the French Republic, but may also reflect the French President’s will, not to allow extreme political elements, especially to the far right Marin Lepen to take advantage of the anger of the people for the behead of the unfortunate teacher.

On the other hand, the Turkish president is opposed to French actions with his aggressive policy in the Mediterranean, while in recent years he has sought to become a major spokesman for the Muslim world.

In his speech, the President of France spoke for the first time about religious isolation and analyzed his plan which will move in five axes with preventive measures against the radicalization of young Muslims and the suppression of separatist tendencies in society.

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In fact, France has already started mass deportations of Islamists, at the same time deciding to close down the associations that are active against Islamophobia.

Erdogan for Macron: “He need a psychiatrist”

On the other side of the Mediterranean, “Sultan” Erdogan used very harsh words against his French counterpart, clearly saying that President Macron needed psychiatric care.

“What is the problem of this person called Macron with Muslims and Islam?” “Macron needs treatment on a psychological level,” the Turkish president said at a provincial conference of the Justice and Development Party in the city of Caesarea.

The French presidency has denounced, in particular, the “unacceptable” statements of the Turkish president, who questioned the “mental health” of his French counterpart Emanuel Macron, due to his treatment of Muslims.

Macron: Erdogan’s policy is dangerous

“President Erdogan’s statements are unacceptable. Provocation and rudeness are not a method. We demand that Erdogan change the course of his policy, because it is dangerous in every way. “We do not engage in useless warfare and we do not accept insults,” the president’s office said in a statement, adding that Paris was recalling the French ambassador to Ankara for consultations.

“France also notes the absence of messages of condolence and messages of support from the Turkish president following the assassination of Samuel Patti,” the teacher who was beheaded a week ago in an Islamist attack near his school on the outskirts of Paris. .

Continuous deterioration in France-Turkey relations

Ankara-Paris relations have deteriorated in recent months as Turkey, in addition to the Eastern Mediterranean, seeks to seize diplomatic and military control in North Africa and sub-Saharan Africa. From 2010 to 2016, Ankara opened 26 embassies in Africa, and Turkey’s presence in Libya now serves as a platform from which Ankara can advance its ongoing effort to expand its economic and political footprint across the African continent. .

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At the same time, General François Lecointre, Commander-in-Chief of the French Armed Forces, told the newspaper Les Echos that Turkey “is an important army, a NATO member with two advantages. First of all, it operates mainly near its bases: northeastern Syria, northern Iraq, in short, on its borders, which is changing a lot of things. And then, when it intervenes further, as in Libya, it does so by instrumentalizing or even violating international law. That’s the power of unbridled power. “

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