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Monday, January 30, 2023

Secret services: Jihadists plan to attack to churches in Europe

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Jihadists plan to attack churches-symbols, and not just across Europe, in order to strike the biggest blow in the history of terrorism, according to a report by the secret services, signaling an alarm to the authorities of all the countries of the Old Continent.

The investigation of the secret services started with the publication of a magazine close to the Islamic State, which has photos of Christian temples in Europe, proposing to the “lone wolves” that are scattered in many countries, to choose as targets the churches.

In Germany, concrete roadblocks have already been set up around the Cathedral in the city of Cologne, as the German secret services believe it is a target for jihadists.

As confirmed by the investigation into the double terrorist attack in Catalonia last week, the target of the jihadist network was both the Sagrada Familia and other cultural and religious monuments.

German police is preparing to take emergency measures for the Frauenkirche church in Dresden, whose photo was included in the jihadist magazine. The temple was destroyed in 1945 from bombing by allied forces and was rebuilt several years later.

The head of the police in Dresden confirmed the information of the secret services, saying that “we know the danger, we have been informed and we are preparing properly”.

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