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50.000 Trump Voters in Greece Out Of 110.000 With US Chitizenship. President of Republicans Overseas Hellenic Chapter: Trump “runs” alone

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Jonathan Constantinou the President of Republicans Overseas Hellenic Chapter spoke about the American elections and the re-candidacy of President Trump. Mr. Konstantinou characteristically states that “Trump is running alone” and at the same time talks about the numbers of Greek voters, also commenting on the “attacks” that the American president receives from the world media.

“Trump is running alone – For or by votes – A special political event”

In more detail, Mr. Konstantinou states that “these elections have a peculiar political event. That President Trump is essentially “running alone.” Votes are not in favor of or against Mr Biden. It’s just for or against Trump. Nobody cares about Mr. Biden. He is missing, after all. He has no political reason. “This election is a peculiar referendum for or against President Trump and this is a very original global political event for us analysts.”

“50,000 voters from Greece out of 110,000 with US citizenship”

Regarding the voters in Greece but also in America, Mr. Constantinou points out that “Greece has a population of about 150-150,000 potential voters. They are Greeks who have American citizenship, but so far few of them have exercised their right to vote. From the statistics, at most 7-8000 voted as they were entitled to by letter. In this election, this number changed drastically, because to the already registered number were added 43,200 voters, organized by the Republican Party of the USA – Branch of Greece and have already sent their ballots today, almost all, to the US. So basically we are talking about 50,000 voters but still the number is quite small compared to the approximately 110,000 we estimate due to age (because minors do not vote). In America, there is a peculiarity again. That not all American citizens vote except those who have been registered to vote. So the electoral population does not correspond to the real one, because not everyone is registered. But again in this election, we had a positive development in favor of the Republican Party, since about 4-5 million new voters were registered on the electoral rolls, the vast majority of which belong to the Republican Party. That should be taken into account when comparing the results of ’16 to ’20 (this year). ”

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“We consider that we are already five following units more than 2016 – Under assignment to the media the democratic pre-election campaign”

Regarding the forecasts, Mr. Konstantinou emphasizes that “as in the 2016 elections, the forecasts published by the media, give a lead to the candidate of the Democratic Party, but the gap this year is much smaller than the scissors they gave to Hillary Clinton and which turned out to be untrue. That is, they gave Mrs. Clinton 10+ points and she lost the election. At the moment, they give 5-6 points to Mr. Biden, so basically we think that we are already five points more than we were in 2016. But as Ι mentioned before, we have a population of young voters, the vast majority of whom are Republican Party and who were not counted in 2016 and are votes in favor of the Republican Party. These also have to do with the fact that Trump is coming down without an opponent (one can say a vicious one). Trump runs having the only opponent himself. In other words, there is the good Trump and the bad Trump. We Republicans vote for the good one. In other words, it is a positive and negative vote. There is no vote (positive or negative) on the two Democratic candidates. Nobody cares what they say, maybe because they are not campaigning effectively. The campaign is carried out by the media in the US, which is controlled by businessmen who are friends of the Democratic Party (CNN, Times, etc.). “Especially the owners of the New York Times, who also have large business activities in Turkey, are one of the “institutions” that support the Democratic Party.”

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“D. Trump is not a political career – Attacks fall into the vacuum – What he did, he did it in 3.5 years»

Finally, regarding the attacks on the face of the American President, the president of the Greek branch of the Republican Party notes that “these attacks fall into the void because Trump is not a political career. He is not a person who was in the system and so he essentially has an “immunity” in any category that concerns the system. He was a very successful businessman, in 2015 he stopped everything, sold all the companies he had or completely got rid of their management and at the moment, we could say that he is a “wild card”. He is a politician that you can not put in a “mold” and you can not hit him in a way that is characteristic of the way you beat a politician who has a career of 47 years. What Trump did he did in 3.5 years. He has no prehistory in politics, so you can’t blame him. He has a very successful business, which made him very rich and you can only judge him by his 3.5 years of work and that was very positive. Respectively, our opponents are judged by the overall course and this is very bad. Especially for Greek-Turkish. We Republicans do not forget that Mr. Biden has been a member of the Foreign Affairs Committee in charge of Cyprus for 18 years and has never raised a finger. On the contrary, the Cypriot issue has been going from bad to worse. And Mr. Biden was in charge.”


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