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Monday, January 30, 2023

Metropolitan of Kerkyra who had violated government measures on corovirus acquitted of all charges

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The Single-Member Court of First Instance of Corfu has decided that the Metropolitan of Corfu – Paxos and Diapontion Islands, Nektarios is innocent of all the charges he faced.

On 25 March, he had called on the faithful to send a false message that they would go for physical exercise and – instead – go to church.

“So take such a leave of absence that you say that I am leaving for my personal exercise and come to the church for Holly Communion and pray,” he said specifically.

He was also found not guilty of roaming the Holy Stage of St. Spyridon inside the church on The Palm Sunday in which more than five people took part – as the protocols set out.

For the same case acquittal was the decision of the court and for the president of the Municipal Council of Central Corfu and the ritualist of the municipality.

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