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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Which Europeans sell arms to Erdogan

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The Prime Minister’s decision to open up to European counterparts the issue of an arms embargo on Turkey at the last summit conceals a dual targeting but also… spikes towards specific leaders, while everyone’s gaze turns to the beginning of December, when Europe will now be asked to decide whether or not to trigger sanctions and what they will be.

The Mitsotakis report touches on a “hot” chapter, which includes German submarines, Spanish aircraft, Italian helicopters as well as corvettes, tanks and ammunition as part of Turkey’s “race” of purchasing weapons systems from countries of the European family.

Mitsotakis’ regular interlocutors read behind this move. On the one hand, his attempt to underline the Greek side’s determination to keep alive the debate on the “threat of sanctions”, but in the direction of hurting Ankara not only in its economy but also in its geopolitical influence, and on the other hand to show a new dimension to the limits that could be placed on European relations with Erdogan, if it insists on unilateral action.

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