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Thursday, May 26, 2022

“Oruc Reis” passed the 12 nautical miles zone and is located near the island of Strogyli

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The Turkish research vessel “Oruc Reis” is moving within the 12 nautical miles (n.m.) zone! In fact, according to the data of the marinetrafficm the vessel was found below the limit of 12 n.m. from the island of Strogyli and more specifically at 11.6 n.m. -approximately – and 14.2 from Kastelorizo.

This means that Turkey has also violated Greece’s right to extend its territorial waters to 12 n.m. Turkey thus not only disputes the Greek continental shelf, but also these national territorial waters.

Yesterday reports said that Germany had told Turkey to stay out of the Kastelorizo region in exchange for no sanctions in view of a new German mediation initiative. Apparently the Turks responded immediately to the German request.

According to last Sunday’s Turkish Navtex of last Sunday, October 11th, the Turkish research ship could reach up to 6 miles +1 meter from Castellorizo, carrying out research work on the boundary of Greek territorial waters.

Bild headline: “The dispute over gas-powered ships overshadows the EU summit – Erdogan duping Germany”
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