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Fatih, Yavuz and the Ambassadress of Greece 2021 Bicentennial Celebrations Gianna Aggelopoulou

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From the deep seas-as their name was-and their Greek ownership, they ended up with aggressive, warlike names in the hands of the Turkish Oil Company (TPAO) and are now the spearhead of Turkish provocation in the Greek and Cypriot EEZ and the eastern Mediterranean.

Deep Sea Metro 1 and Deep Sea Metro 2, from ships of Greek interest ended up in the hands of the Turkish Oil Company (TPAO).

The two ships were built by Hyundai in Korea at the bespoke order of the couple Theodoros and Giannas Angelopoulou, who held 60% of their rights until 2015. The other 40% belonged at the time to the Norwegian shipping company Odfjell.

The ambitious plans of the entrepreneurs involved in the admittedly huge investment that exceeded 1.6 billion dollars, they hit the drop in oil prices internationally shortly after 2011, when the two ships were delivered and that’s why Gianna and Theodoros Angelopoulos decided to get rid of them a few years later, since their maintenance was the investment unsustainable.

Indicative of the non-advantageous investment that forced the Angelopoulos couple to sell the ships, is the fact that Deep Sea Metro 1 was rented to the Vietnamese mining company at a cost of $255,000 a day, whereas previously the same ship had been rented by British Petroleum at a cost of $423,000 a day.

So in 2015, one of the two ships, deep sea metro 2, changed hands and the ownership of the ship passed to the bank that gave the loan for their construction and according to the press, the ownership was passed to Chalfont Shipping which is a subsidiary of Odfjell Drilling.

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Two years later, in 2017, Deep Sea Metro 2 was purchased for $210 million from the Turkish oil company. However, Mr Angelopoulos made it clear from the outset that he had nothing to do with this deal, since the ship had been in other hands some time ago.

A similar course followed by Deep Sea Metro 1, since after the Angelopoulou family did not service the loans, it passed on to the ownership of Golden Close Maritime Corp, which in October 2018 announced its sale to the Turkish oil company.

In fact, this research drill previously carried out surveys in Vietnam, in an area that turned out to be a disputed area, on the country’s maritime border with Malaysia, resulting in them being ingloriously completed.

Yavuz means resolutely wild and rigid, an adjective given to several Sultans of the Ottoman Empire, while Fatix means conqueror, given from Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

The two drilling rigs that now belong to the Turkish oil company are of the sixth generation, with a length of 229 meters and can drill 10 thousand feet deep in water and 40 thousand on the ground.

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