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Thursday, May 26, 2022

Archbishop Ieronymos: “More difficulties will come – the years are cunning”!

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Lamia celebrated its patron saint, Saint Lucas, but also the liberation of the city from the German occupation troops in the presence of Archbishop Ieronymos.

Despite the pleasant atmosphere of the double -religious and national – celebration, what most impressed were the statements of the Archbishop. “More difficulties will come – the years are cunning”, which may even mean an upcoming national defeat.

The Archbishop is not a man of terrorism, so with such statements he may be preparing us for a defeat in the field of national affairs with Turkey or for some other, very negative scenario. Archbishop Ieronymos was particularly concerned about developments and called for unity at all levels, stressing during the glorification: “One wish I would like to make: Today’s meeting symbolizes cooperation between Church and State. The years are tricky. There are too many difficulties and more will come. The more we stick together and the further we go, holding each other’s hands on the hill, the better we’ll go. That is all I want to see and I hope that you will continue, not only in Lamia, in Athens, but throughout the country and – why not? – all over the world.”

Previously, Metropolitan Fthiotidos Simeon, describing the overall picture reflected in this phase, pointed out that “today, it seems, the clouds of fascism, racism and Nazism are disappearing. But the clouds of the virus are in front of us. We are called upon, with the strength of the doctor St. Luke, with social co-responsibility, to deal with this difficulty with social solidarity, seriousness and prudence.”

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At the same time, Metropolitan Fthiotidas, referring to the archbishop’s contribution both during the economic crisis in previous years and to the one that is evolving with the pandemic, highlighted the balances sought by the church leadership, underlining: “Archbishop Hieronymus kept our people united with the work of the Church. He has kept the cohesion of society today with the pandemic which may also highlight a new economic and humanitarian crisis, which we hope for, but we must be ready, again the meek, the sweet, the calm, the balanced, the moderate, the prudent and wise spiritual leader stays close to the people.”


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